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About us

Free to Feed is a not-for-profit social enterprise. In awe of the enterprising spirit of refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants – and appreciative of what they want to offer as new community members – we aim to champion their unique skills and individual stories.

Free to Feed was founded by Loretta and Daniel Bolotin, husband and wife team in late 2015 with the express purpose of assisting people seeking asylum to a. find meaningful employment opportunities using their existing skills and experiences and b. facilitate community interconnectivity and break the stifling sense of social isolation often faced by these new arrivals. While their work has expanded and grown, Loretta and Daniel still believe their initial mission to be grounding and relevant.  

Free to Feed’s advocacy is delivered through a number of food-oriented initiatives. We’re a mobile cooking school hosting classes, workshops, events and immersive food experiences; we’re also home to a growing pantry stocked full of beautiful spices authentically blended by our cooks in residence. Free to Feed is also the proud parent of Now to Launch, a food business incubator supporting refugees and new migrants to realise their culinary dreams.

What better place to celebrate traditions and memories, stories and new experiences than over a feasting table? After all, for every one of us, these things are so often inextricably linked to sharing food and cooking with friends and family.

While we’re always growing – hungry to meet more people, cook together and learn about our communities’ needs – our mission is constant. Free to Feed exists to:

- nurture entrepreneurialism,

- facilitate personal and professional skill development through mentoring and training,

- provide an avenue for economic empowerment and financial independence,

- encourage self-advocacy,

- open doors and broaden networks, and

- offer vital resources necessary to achieving all this!