Hands preparing dough for samosas beside a rolling pin and frying pan filled with spicy yellow filling



In our immersive, hands-on cooking experiences you’ll connect with rich cultural traditions and learn recipes that tell tales of generations of home cooks. Our experiences are an intimate and vibrantly merry experience – a journey of discovery, sharing and bountiful, delicious feasting.

We’re told that participating in one of our experiences like a unique travel experience – with us you can forget your passport, all you need is an appetite!

Join in or host one of our experiences and indulge in incredible flavours and heady aromas. You’ll learn about authentic recipes from all around the world. Come and celebrate a special event with family and friends by doing something unexpected, delectable and supportive of a good cause. Or, roll up your sleeves just because! Fervent foodie or first-timer, everyone’s welcome in our kitchen.

Free to Feed experiences are held in our kitchens on High street in Thornbury and Northcote. They can be booked by choosing your preferred date below!

Home Experiences allow you to host an experience in your own kitchen and bring family and friends around your table to feast.

Team Workshops are for colleagues to come together for team-building or celebration.


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