Mona Naseri

Mona was born and grew up in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Although the Islamic culture in the city is somewhat more relaxed than provincially and in other neighbouring countries – women wear colourful clothes and loose head scarves – strict rules governing the unequal roles of men and women still apply. If a lady leaves her hair loose in summer or rolls her sleeves to her elbows, she can be arrested and imprisoned, as Mona’s sister did and was. Mona sought a different future for her daughter, one with equal opportunity in which she could freely explore her beliefs. Friends in Australia beckoned, and although Australia accepts Iranian refugees while many other governments do not, sadly she has still experienced the negative attitudes that some corners of our society have towards migrants. Thankfully, the migrant community has grown, as her circle of friends, and she’s now able to explore her beliefs freely and with privacy. Mona has worked in the Wyndham Community & Education Centre kitchen, studied hospitality and worked as a pastry chef at the Langham Hotel. While now working in aged care, after re-orienting her career and earning a new qualification, she’s excited to be sharing her food culture with us!