Nige Siththirasegaram

Nige has joined Free to Feed wanting to grow the ways he can share the delicious food of his Tamil heritage. In addition to cooking as part of the team at Tamil Feasts, Nige is now showcasing some of his most treasured recipes learned growing up in a fishing village in eastern Sri Lanka. Nige has been in Australia for ten years, although six of those were spent in detention on Christmas Island, at Villawood and in Melbourne Immigrantion Transit Accommodation. With no option but to leave behind his wife and young son, Nige escaped civil war via Malaysia and Indonesia, on more than one treacherous boat journey that had no guarantees of arrival. Feeling encouraged and supported my Melbourne’s inner-north communities, Nige has learned English, created a home and forged friendships. Free to Feed is excited to welcome Nige to the team and hope to help and see him realise his food dream of a roaming Sri Lankan food truck!