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Our vollies, as they’re happy to be affectionately called, are incredible. Through their gracious and enthusiastic assistance, we’ve been able to grow the schedule of Free to Feed classes. Volunteers play critical roles at classes, events and in the Free to Feed office and kitchen. Register (below) to attend a volunteer information session. Lara looks after volies and she’s happy to answer queries via email to lara@freeto.org.

Note: Volunteer information sessions will recommence in Feburary 2019.

If you would like to share your expertise or donate your professional services to assist us or our entrepreneurs OR our organisation please submit an EOI over on our Now to Launch website.

Free to Feed occasionally provides opportunities to interns from a wide variety of learning institutions to experience and contribute to our day-to-day workings both in the Free to Feed social enterprise and Now to Launch business incubator. Email nikki@freeto.org to discuss your application.

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